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The Creativity Checklist Every Creator Needs

Ignite your creative spark with a checklist to help you develop an idea and share it with the world.

(this FREE downloadable checklist focuses on protecting creativity in the U.S. but it really is for anyone anywhere with an interest in the U.S. intellectual property market).

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Our Philosophy and the Science Behind It

Providing what you need to live a deeply fulfilling life, create successfully, be your best, and have a positive impact in the world

A fulfilling life is so elusive in this day and age because we are pulled in so many different directions and cannot hear the quiet calling of our hearts. Often, we feel that something is amiss in our lives and we don't even know what it is. To live a more fulfilled life and feel more connected to the people and world around us, we have to come to our heart center and listen to what our hearts are calling us to. Only then will we find deep happiness and fulfillment.

We study the sciences, philosophy, and spiritual teachings to develop the resources and tools that will allow you to create a personally fulfilling and beautiful life and impact the world around you in positive ways. Heart centered living and leadership is a daily practice and a philosophy for life, not an end goal. Trusting this, we have developed a range of products to help you on this journey. Our blog, podcastprograms, and shop, are all designed to bring you to a more heart centered space.


About Alina

I am a law professor, scholar, researcher and I have held multiple highly-competitive scholarships and fellowships throughout my career in intellectual property law. I am also an entrepreneur at heart, author, and lover of books. I believe deeply that the empowered individual living a heart-centered life is the individual who will lead, create, and sustain social change.

More about me.

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Our Commitment 

As a social enterprise, our company is committed to building and sustaining a purpose-driven social entrepreneurship. When you invest in one of our products or programs to sharpen your creative aptitude, you will help our company create the positive change we hope for the world by educating others like you to use creativity to build a life they love and create their own change in the world. In the long term, our company will be working on building partnerships with individuals and organizations who are committed to using creativity and intellectual property to solve the problems of poverty, hunger, and climate change.

More about our partners and projects.

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