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to build your best life, find success, and produce intellectual property that changes the world for the better.

Hello, I'm Alina.

I help busy professionals, educators, and entrepreneurs to harness the power of creativity to build a life they love, be effective heart-centered leaders, and inspire positive change in the world.

Get started with an audio download "3 Reasons from the Sciences to Turn Inward for Guidance" to understand why living a heart-centered life matters and how heart-centered living affects people and the world around you.

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Of course. Here are downloadable PDFs with powerful exercises to guide you towards living, creating, and leading from a heart-centered place.

Traits of a Heart-Centered Leader

Identify what heart-centered leadership looks like to you and what it means for YOU to be a heart-centered leader.

5 Steps to Bring Our Ideas to Life

Use this practical guide to capture and build your ideas so that your best ones that serve your world's greatest needs come to life.

When We Make the Right Decision

Know when you're making the right decision when you have so many options ahead of you.  

About Me 

I am a law professor, scholar, researcher and have held multiple scholarships and fellowships throughout my career in intellectual property law. I am also an entrepreneur at heart, author, and lover of books.



Our Commitment to You

Our company is committed to building and sustaining a purpose-driven social entrepreneurship. When you invest in one of our programs to sharpen your creative aptitude, you will help our company create the positive change we hope for the world by educating others like you to use creativity to build a life they love and create their own change in the world. In the long term, our company will be working on building partnerships with individuals and organizations who are committed to using creativity and intellectual property to solve the problems of poverty, hunger, and climate change. 

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