Support for Your Social Impact Business

We partner with socially-conscious companies to create impact, grow & scale their business, and build lasting legacies.


All companies and enterprises have intellectual property that can bring your organization a lot of value. Download our free guide on how to use intellectual property to build authority, increase revenue or raise funds, and create social impact.


We are a full-service company offering our clients support and expertise in building a successful social impact business. Whether you're a new entrepreneur navigating the social impact space or an established business looking to be a change-maker through your business practices, we have you covered. 

Our Services & Scope of Expertise


  • legal structure of company
  • education of board's fiduciary duties
  • acquisition & protection of intellectual property rights
  • advise on rules and regulations
  • international business expansion
  • advocacy and legal change
  • expert witness
See Sample Expert Witness Report

Branding & Design

  • build a brand that speaks to your customers
  • develop brand ethos
  • develop brand identity as social impact business
  • know who you are; not just your "why"
  • develop designs that are customer-centric
  • design better products, services, processes, strategies, spaces, architecture, and experiences


  • break into new markets
  • find and attract impact investors
  • develop partnerships and strategic alliances
  • build customer engagement 
  • develop impact metrics 
  • cultivate mission and purpose among leaders and employees of the company
  • measure and manage impact

 We can all be change-makers and create an impact in the world. We need to start with who we are and how we want that change to manifest in the world. Then we choose the process that makes the most sense.

Making the decision to be a socially responsible company is the beginning of your journey as a change-maker. Yes, it will be rewarding personally and financially. But no, that journey is not as intuitive as we would like to imagine. Sometimes, the best thought-out concepts often don't match reality and your investment (of time, money, energy) doesn't pay off the way you hope it would (in terms of returns, impact, and profits)?

We work with you on exactly that - fitting concept to reality and ensuring investments pay off - for your social impact business. Want social impact ideas that actually work? You got it. Want to identify a social mission that you are passionate about and that lets you leave a legacy? Talk to us. Need to figure out how to set-up a benefit corporation and a B-corp (what's the difference anyway)? We can help. Need help structuring a strategic alliance or joint venture? We have you covered.

We get the technicalities and complexities of social entrepreneurship out of the way so that you can focus on building and scaling a social impact business that creates change.


“I just thought I would mention that my team has the highest opinion of you and thought your report was excellent.”


Burns McFarland


~ Find your place of deep happiness and meet the worlds deep hunger from that place, then watch miracles unfold ~

We know that no two social entrepreneurs are the same and that business solutions have to be tailored to your individual needs. We believe that our client's business success stems from knowing what they are passionate about and combining that passion and with a clear social impact mission.


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