3 Things You Absolutely Need to Use Your Business as a Force for Good

Our communities and world face many challenges. Hunger, poverty, racism, climate change, and health are some of the social problems we face. As private citizens, we can let governments, foundations, and non-profits solve these problems. We can donate our time and money to play our role in solving some of these problems. But what if we can play a larger role through businesses we develop and grow? What if private businesses are in a unique position to counter some of the problems we face today?

In the past 4 months since April, many of our social problems have come to light. The coronavirus pandemic and the shut down of a lot of the economy have caused:

 12 million people to lose their jobs

an unemployment rate of 11.1% as of June 2020 (compared to 3.5% in February)

 people feeling the need to stay home as the death toll from the virus passed 100,000 in the United States

20 million renters without the income to pay rent to face eviction at the end of September


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Making the Best Use of Your Time During a Pandemic

In this HCL Live Broadcast, I talked to John Racine Jr., a human resource expert about how to get ready for the new economy that will emerge after the stay-at-home and shelter-in-place orders that have been placed on millions of people around the world. In this interview, John shares his insights of how to use our personal time productively so that we are best prepared for the new state of affairs that will emerge after state orders to self isolate are lifted and the economy rolls out.

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3 Heart-Centered Responses to What is Happening Today with the COVID-19 Pandemic

When I started thinking about the Heart-Centered Life Project in June 2019, I had a very sketchy idea of what a heart-centered life might look like. All I knew was that a heart-centered life and everything that flowed from that embodied qualities such as authenticity, empathy, kindness, and openness. With everything that is happening these past few weeks with COVID-19, my ideas have crystallized some more and I decided to spend more time developing the project along these lines. In that light, this presentation touches on some of the things I thought about before and where I see this project going.

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How to Create Intellectual Property That Matters

Here is an interview I did with Joyce Odidison on how to think about intellectual property rights in the remote work place. In recent weeks, the world has seen millions of people shift to online work spaces, where the most valuable commodity is intellectual assets. One of the questions that came up in my conversation with Joyce is how to think about intellectual property rights in these times and what we can do to ensure two things:

1. that our work is protected as intellectual property; and

2. that we do not infringe someone else's intellectual property.

The easiest way to think about the first question is to make sure that your work reflects your personality, style, and authentic expression as much as possible. The more personal characteristic you can put into your work, the better your work will fare as intellectual property. Bare skeletal work is usually not protected as intellectual property (more explanation below).

The easy way to think about question 2 is also to...

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Resiliency and Why It's Important to Heart-Centered Living

COVID-19 has brought our modern world to her knees and created deep and profound changes in how we think about ourselves, our lives, our communities, our government, our planet, and our relationship with one another. The spread of the corona virus and the way a tiny microbe has wrecked havoc on humanity calls into question how the world will look like after all this has passed. One thing we can be sure of is that the world as we know it will never be the same because, like the the economic meltdown of the great depression, the two world wars, 9/11, and the financial crisis of 2008, this pandemic unravels the very fabric upon which our society and her institutions have been built. The very core of our daily life on the planet has been ripped apart and anyone who witnesses the carnage that the pandemic has caused will not be able to see our world and our relationship to it in the same way again.

This is the time to draw upon our deepest reservoirs of resiliency and strength...

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Stuck in a Career Rut? Here are 5 Steps to Career Bliss

Have you ever been in a job or career that just did not align with who you are or what you are about? Many times, we end up in jobs or careers because we took one logical step after the other. The problem with being in a job that you are unhappy or dissatisfied with is that it depletes your energy and dampens your spirit. Find a higher purpose to what you do in your daily life and being in alignment with it is essential to the heart-centered life.

In this episode, I talk to Betty Kempa, a career coach who helps high-level executives, especially women, transition from a job they do not like into their dream career. Here Betty talks candidly about the 5 steps she walks clients though to take them from an unhappy career situation to one that is fulfilling. Here are the 5 steps Betty takes her clients through:

1. Unpacking Your Story

Unpacking your job history to identify why you may be unhappy with your current job and what you actually do like about your job as it is. Find the...

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Optimal Wellness for the Busy Professional: An Interview with Wendi Michelle

In this interview for the Heart Centered Life, I talk to entrepreneur, published author, precision wellness specialist, health advocate, food and supplement formulator and hope expert, Wendi Michelle, about how to get healthy and stay healthy. We also talk about the importance of investing in your health while you are healthy. The key takeaways from the interview:

1) What good nutrition looks like: stay as close to nature as possible
2) Supplement your nutrition where necessary
3) Nourish your body with water: use spring-fed water and try to collect your own water
4) Movement: the body needs to move and enjoy the movement; move during the day
5) Sleep is absolutely necessary to keep the body at it's optimal level
6) Get as much sun and your feet in the earth as much as possible

Links from the interview:

Wendi's website: wendimichelle.com
Find a Spring: findaspring.com
Bruce Lipton's book: https://www.brucelipton.com/books/biology-of-belief

Supplements Wendi recommends:
Fortizel Colostrum...

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Sustainable Jewelry Design: An Interview with Courtney Weller

In this interview, I talk to Courtney Weller about sustainable jewelry making. Courtney is a jewelry designer who founded the World of Indah, a luxury, fashion-forward and organically sustainable brand of beautifully crafted jewelry. Courtney's Indah factory is based in Indonesia and employs village locals to craft and produce her jewelry and as a result, provides local villagers with a sustainable livelihood. 

In this interview, we talk about Courtney's creative journey, from the time she gets and idea for a piece of jewelry design until the time the jewelry reaches the market. We also talk about where to find inspiration for creativity and how to engage with the larger community to find support for the entrepreneurial journey. I hope you enjoy this conversation.

Here are links to connect with Courtney:

The World of Indah

Courtney's Facebook Page

The World of Indah Instagram Page

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The Mosaic: A Tapestry for Heart Centered Living

I recently sat down with Daniel Levin, the author of "The Mosaic," a wonderful book about a young boy's search for heaven. In his quest, the boy, Mo, meets people who impart nuggets of wisdom on how to live a heart-centered life. In real life, Mo is actually Daniel, who sought answers to where heaven was as he tried to reconnect with the people he loved and lost. More importantly, in his quest he finally realized that he had always had them with him as he walked through life - if only he knew where to look and how to listen.

As part of a larger vision for a better world, Daniel is starting a journey within the United States first to talk to and document his conversations with the voiceless in our society starting May 1, 2020. He believes that listening to the people whose voices are not heard will create bridges that connect ordinary people who can make extraordinary changes. We are proud and honored to have this conversation with Daniel and to support him on this journey and...

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Interpersonal Wellness: How to Live Well, Work Well and Play Well

In this podcast episode, I interview Joyce Odidison. Joyce is a Certified Training and Development Professional with the Institute for Performance and Learning, a member of the International Association for Worksite Health Promotion, and a Certified Professional Coach with the International Coaching Federation. She travels all over the world on speaking engagements and is a sought-after coach, group facilitator, and master trainer. I am delighted to have this opportunity to interview her.

We spent quite a bit talking about the weather at the start of the podcast before we warmed up enough to talk about all the good things that Joyce has to offer. So, to jump right in and skip all the introductory warm-up, head to the 6:00 minute mark.

Joyce developed the Wellness Improvement System as a tool to help people move up a wellness scale and improve their interpersonal wellness. She identified 9 core competencies (or areas) in which there is always room for improvement. We talk about how...

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