Resiliency and Why It's Important to Heart-Centered Living

COVID-19 has brought our modern world to her knees and created deep and profound changes in how we think about ourselves, our lives, our communities, our government, our planet, and our relationship with one another. The spread of the corona virus and the way a tiny microbe has wrecked havoc on humanity calls into question how the world will look like after all this has passed. One thing we can be sure of is that the world as we know it will never be the same because, like the the economic meltdown of the great depression, the two world wars, 9/11, and the financial crisis of 2008, this pandemic unravels the very fabric upon which our society and her institutions have been built. The very core of our daily life on the planet has been ripped apart and anyone who witnesses the carnage that the pandemic has caused will not be able to see our world and our relationship to it in the same way again.

This is the time to draw upon our deepest reservoirs of resiliency and strength...

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Finding the Courage to be Creative

There are so many known benefits to being creative. Yet, few of us make creativity a practice or habit. In this week's podcast episode, we discuss some of the known benefits of creativity, why being creative and sharing your work with the world is hard, and finding the courage to do that. As we discussed in Episode 4, if we are all able to meet the world's deepest need from our place of deep happiness, we will be truly fulfilled and happy. Being creative is a great way to access our heart-center but we should not just stop there. We should share our creative output with the people around us and with the world. And we need to find the courage to do just that - share our creativity with the world. American columnist, Erma Bombeck's quote about creativity sets the discussion in this podcast about having the courage to be creative:

In this podcast, I discuss what courage might look like and how I find the courage to create and share my creative work you and with the world. I've...

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The Value of a Heart Centered Life

Living a heart-centered life has tremendous transformative value because heart-centered decisions are always aligned with who you are. Because heart-based decisions are aligned with who you are, your interactions with the world around you tend to be more authentic, courageous, errorless, and fulfilling. In this week's podcast, I discuss the significance of the thinking heart and how it is different and more effective than other thinking parts of our bodies such as our minds and gut when we are confronted with difficult choices or stressful situations. 

The show notes are on the podcast website but if you are listening to the podcast here on my site, here are the accompanying show notes. Don't forget to download the PDF to help you think about some of the things I talked about in the podcast.

Show notes:

1. Daniel Kahneman, Thinking Fast and Slow

2. Paul Pearsall, The Heart's Code: Tapping the Wisdom and Power of Our Heart Energy

3. Michael Gershon, The...

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