3 Heart-Centered Responses to What is Happening Today with the COVID-19 Pandemic

When I started thinking about the Heart-Centered Life Project in June 2019, I had a very sketchy idea of what a heart-centered life might look like. All I knew was that a heart-centered life and everything that flowed from that embodied qualities such as authenticity, empathy, kindness, and openness. With everything that is happening these past few weeks with COVID-19, my ideas have crystallized some more and I decided to spend more time developing the project along these lines. In that light, this presentation touches on some of the things I thought about before and where I see this project going.

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Sustainable Jewelry Design: An Interview with Courtney Weller

In this interview, I talk to Courtney Weller about sustainable jewelry making. Courtney is a jewelry designer who founded the World of Indah, a luxury, fashion-forward and organically sustainable brand of beautifully crafted jewelry. Courtney's Indah factory is based in Indonesia and employs village locals to craft and produce her jewelry and as a result, provides local villagers with a sustainable livelihood. 

In this interview, we talk about Courtney's creative journey, from the time she gets and idea for a piece of jewelry design until the time the jewelry reaches the market. We also talk about where to find inspiration for creativity and how to engage with the larger community to find support for the entrepreneurial journey. I hope you enjoy this conversation.

Here are links to connect with Courtney:

The World of Indah

Courtney's Facebook Page

The World of Indah Instagram Page

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The Heart-Centered Life and It's Significance

People often ask, "What is the Heart-Centered Life?" and what does it mean to be "heart-centered?" when I talk about the launch of my website and the Heart-Centered Life Podcast. Since I get asked these question quite a lot, I decided to devote this post to answering that question and going a step further to explaining why living a heart-centered life is especially important in this time and age.

What is a "heart-centered life"?

A "heart-centered life" is a life where we live our daily life in true alignment with our values, purpose, inner morality, personal experiences, and intuition. It is life where we can access our authenticity (which I take to mean a realistic view of one's self and others) and powerful emotions like empathy, courage, kindness, inner resiliency, strength, and integrity to be better people and leaders. A heart-centered life is the most fulfilling way to live because we draw from our inner reservoir of positive emotions in our approach to the world.


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