The Mosaic: A Tapestry for Heart Centered Living

I recently sat down with Daniel Levin, the author of "The Mosaic," a wonderful book about a young boy's search for heaven. In his quest, the boy, Mo, meets people who impart nuggets of wisdom on how to live a heart-centered life. In real life, Mo is actually Daniel, who sought answers to where heaven was as he tried to reconnect with the people he loved and lost. More importantly, in his quest he finally realized that he had always had them with him as he walked through life - if only he knew where to look and how to listen.

As part of a larger vision for a better world, Daniel is starting a journey within the United States first to talk to and document his conversations with the voiceless in our society starting May 1, 2020. He believes that listening to the people whose voices are not heard will create bridges that connect ordinary people who can make extraordinary changes. We are proud and honored to have this conversation with Daniel and to support him on this journey and...

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