Optimal Wellness for the Busy Professional: An Interview with Wendi Michelle

In this interview for the Heart Centered Life, I talk to entrepreneur, published author, precision wellness specialist, health advocate, food and supplement formulator and hope expert, Wendi Michelle, about how to get healthy and stay healthy. We also talk about the importance of investing in your health while you are healthy. The key takeaways from the interview:

1) What good nutrition looks like: stay as close to nature as possible
2) Supplement your nutrition where necessary
3) Nourish your body with water: use spring-fed water and try to collect your own water
4) Movement: the body needs to move and enjoy the movement; move during the day
5) Sleep is absolutely necessary to keep the body at it's optimal level
6) Get as much sun and your feet in the earth as much as possible

Links from the interview:

Wendi's website: wendimichelle.com
Find a Spring: findaspring.com
Bruce Lipton's book: https://www.brucelipton.com/books/biology-of-belief

Supplements Wendi recommends:
Fortizel Colostrum...

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