What if you had all the tools and resources to help YOU live a deeply fulfilled life where your deep gladness can satisfy the world's deepest hunger?

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Who Am I?

I am someone who believes deeply in the power of individuals to create the world they want to see, live in, and pass on to their children. We owe each other an ethical duty to be the best people we can possibly be and influence the world around us in a positive way so that change happens for the benefit of society at large. I believe even more that social change is not led by laws, regulations, state institutions, government or profit-focused corporations. Social change is led, created, and sustained by people who live deeply fulfilled and happy lives who answer the call to meet the world's deepest hunger from that place. Empowered people who live and lead from the heart center are the agents for change. I am deeply committed to helping people live heart centered lives because I truly believe that ...

~ When our deepest happiness meets the world's deepest hunger, miracles happen ~

I grew up the eldest child in a family of 3 children. Both my parents are wonderful people and were great teachers who valued education (my dad was an English teacher and my mom was a kindergarten teacher). I loved reading all kind of books as a child. I was a good student, did well in school, went to college, law school, graduate school, and am a tenured law professor at Mississippi College in Jackson now. 

Although my parents gave us a comfortable lifestyle as teachers, my sister, brother, and I grew up in a family with very modest means. I excelled academically and I was on highly-competitive scholarships for almost all of my higher education (my parents gave me some allowance but very little). I graduated the top of my law class with the University of London, was awarded the Cambridge Commonwealth Trust to attend the University of Cambridge for my Masters of Law (LLM), received the Fulbright Scholarship and Lieberman Fellowship to pursue a doctorate (the Doctor of the Science of Law, which is a PhD in law) at Stanford Law School. I love thinking about ideas and finding solutions to questions we try to solve in the world - such poverty, hunger, and climate change - which are very close to my heart. I want to leave my daughter and her children a world where they can thrive in.

I'm mom to Juliette, a precocious, smart, funny, talented, energetic, curious, imaginative, and amazing little girl who deserves, above everything else, a world where people thrive in and happily married to Jonathan, my best friend and a man whose heart is a gazillion times bigger than my mind could ever be, and who epitomizes what heart-centered living truly looks and feels like.  

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Dylan Smith


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Camera Settings

Learn all about shutter speed, aperture, and ISO.

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Flash Photography

Learn how to use flash to get trendy high-contrast photos.

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35mm Film

Learn how to get crisp images using cameras from the 60s.

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Law Professorship 

Mississippi College School of Law Faculty Page
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Scholarship (on Social Science Research Network)

Read my papers and scholarship to get a better idea of how I think and what I believe in.

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Curriculum Vitae

All about my professional experience, expertise, committee work, and interests. 

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