Create Positive Change With Creativity

Who We Serve

We serve professionals, entrepreneurs, and educators who want to make the world a better place: people who want to serve others, who are natural leaders and in positions of leadership, and who have a vision for making a positive difference in their world.

Our programs and commitment to making our world better for our children will help you hone in on your creativity to reduce daily stress and overwhelm, generate a sense of well-being and health, and find the space to be grounded in your best self. Our programs also teach you how to channel your creativity into producing valuable work for your community and market and use that creativity to positively influence others to make the world better.

As a scholar, researcher, and professor of intellectual property law, my work here is based on decades of intellectual property study and the role creativity plays in managing stress, developing leadership skills, staying ahead of changes in the market and business world, transforming failing institutions, influencing others to make positive changes, and producing works that have significantly improved our way of life.

Here are some benefits of being creative in your daily life:

Why Creativity Works 

I am convinced that people who are able to hone their creativity are able to manage stress better, create a life they love, and influence others for positive change. The transformation that a person can undergo - from being stressed and overwhelmed to being calm, mentally well, and grounded - through engaging in creative activity is immense. Here are 3 reasons why:

What We Believe

We believe we need to be our best selves first before we can serve the people around us. We also believe that we create the life that brings us the most fulfillment when we are able to find the place where our deepest joy meet the world's deepest need. We believe that creativity is that bridge that allows us to use the thing that brings us our our deepest happiness to meet and feed the world's deepest hunger.

If you believe what we believe, we invite you to get started with some resources on our blog and listen to our podcast.

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