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Business for Social Good

We are a social enterprise committed to addressing poverty, hunger, and climate change through our own business practices. We work with corporations, investors, and non-profits to create social change through successful business.
Our mission is to facilitate the growth and long term viability  of the social impact markets, avoid "greenwashing" of the impact sector, prevent the dilution of the impact community's moral mission, and advance research in defining and achieving impact goals.

Hi, I'm Alina!

I founded this social enterprise because an innate interest in innovation led me to believe that innovative market solutions can be a very powerful tool for creating social change.

I am an intellectual property law professor at Mississippi College and graduated from the Universities of London and Cambridge and Stanford Law School where I wrote my dissertation, under Paul Goldstein, on technological change in the movie and music industries. 

My commitment to social justice is largely due to my Catholic upbringing but the real impetus to founding a social enterprise came after a homily by a visiting priest (I can't even remember his name to give him credit) who described how poor some parts of the world is. He told of how some mothers have to say to their hungry child that "today isn't your turn to eat." I looked at my daughter playing on the pew next to me and my heart broke to pieces with the thought of ever having to say that to her. That's why hunger and poverty is so close to my heart. And for climate change, I want my daughter, her children, and grandchildren (as well as yours) to always be in awe seeing, for themselves, the whales make their annual migration off the coast of California.

I like to think of myself as a practical idealist who can see the imperfections of our world, think of innovative ways to make it better, and implement the processes we need to get there. Together, I truly believe, we can make the world a better place.

Key benefits of operating as a social enterprise


Social enterprises have a commitment to social purpose and a reliance on earned income. Because of these two  characteristics, when innovative entrepreneurs create and build social enterprises, they are able to increase their impact on society while adding economic value to the markets they serve.

  1. By having a "double-bottom line" of profits and impact, social enterprises that are committed to a clear and effective social mission can attract investors who are looking to invest in a company with a sound business vision and mission to improve the world we live in.
  2. Social enterprises also attract business partners and collaborators to form strategic alliances that are beneficial to both parties when their social mission align thus creating competitive advantages in the market that might not exist otherwise.
  3. There is also the fact that more and more consumers want businesses to be accountable for the impact of their business practices. Nearly two-thirds of Americans believe today that companies should take the lead in driving social and environmental change. While this presents a challenge for profit-driven businesses, for social enterprises with a clear social mission, this new era of transparency and accountability presents a lot of exciting opportunities.
  4. Finally, and I think most importantly, social enterprises make our lives and our world better and leave a lasting legacy in our society that can be enjoyed by all of us, our children, and their children.

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